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I'm back... maybe.
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this time I've been a stranger even more than usually, and there are no excuses for such a long time (even if meanwhile my daughter married and other things happened, but on that it will be better to say more another time ;-)

On fandom side I was still interested and yet I couldn't find in me the old wish to comment, to be updated on the latest news... so it simply seemed easier to resume reading only - as I did before starting this page - and even that was not very often.

Yesterday a friend informed me of some essay by Rowling on Pottermore,“The chapter that made us fall in love with… Severus Snape”. I read it and, almost without my complete awareness, in a few minutes I felt again the need to write something; the result was a very short fic and it's now on

I don't know that I'll be around again frequently, from now on, but Summer holidays are starting and maybe I will...

Meanwhile consider this like a greeting to everyone, hope you'll have a good laugh with it and enjoy!

(I forgot: this is a second chapter of a very old story, already completed, if you want to enjoy it better read it from the start)

Happy Birthday shiv5468!
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fic rec
I've been absent for a long time, again, but again I have had troubles with the eyes, this time it's the retina and I didn't stay at the computer much... But today is a day for good wishes and greetings, so ALL MY BEST WISHES everyone :))


After the Reveal...
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Another sshg_promptfest has been wrapped up, and it’s time to send many thanks to all those that contributed to make it another great fest.

It’s the third time that it is made possible by the wonderful iulia_linnea, and it seems to have established its place, a really beloved place, in the Hall of Fame of our fandom. Thank you, iulia, and many happy returns!

I want to send, here too, a most grateful thought to pearle9240, whose icons have made the joy of all us participants. I love dearly the ones that she made for the story that, I can tell now, I wrote:

The Wind Is Blowing

thewindisblowing1_zpse96372a2 ... thewindisblowing2_zpsab260262

Thank you, pearle9240!

I had a very nice time when I wrote it, especially because the original story was very inspiring and it was a good challenge to make it fitting with the HP universe.

As ever the thirty days of the fest were a great time - well, it wasn’t a really a great time here, what with an unbelievable rainy weather that turned the Italian Summer into Fall and also with some annoying little problems of health for me, so even more it was lovely to wait each day for the new entry, and to read them.

I particularly loved

The Rose of Carterhaugh by palathene
A Tangled Tale by dragoon811
The Things That We Could Be by carley9
The Luck of the Draw by shiv5468
Truth or Consequences, by msavi
The Crafty Case of the Corpses that Weren't Corpses by iqeret
Infinite Design: Truth and Mendacity by mundungus42
The Heart the Adder Gave Him by delphipsmith

but also the stories that didn’t met my preferences are testament to a creativity that, on this corner of fandom, is still alive and kicking. For this, and for everyone that made a contribute to this, I’m amazed and happy.

Of the prompt that I sent two were answered.
A very weird thing is that for each of them I had thought to something completely different from what they turned out: I had taken inspiration, for what became a comedy, from an Italian movie that ended tragically, whereas the prompt about Hermione Headmistress and Snape Inspector for the Board of Governors seemed open to a light tale, when I thought to it.

Well, who has read those stories knows that it turned out the contrary, of course the Muses go where they want to go and no one can object on that :)

I have had great fun with Truth or Consequences, by msavi and loved its creativity.

I’ve admired the ideas and the magic of Burn Down The Mission by teddyradiator

For all of the dedication and care and time that msavi and teddyradiator put into these stories I thank them dearly.

I thought a lot before doing it, but then had to tell my opinion on a side of Teddy’s story, I sent it in my comment and she gave her reasons for her choices; my problem wasn’t the unhappy ending but Severus’s actions, and I simply couldn’t be insincere on that. But this doesn’t detract from the great skill that was shown in the writing of this story and I really hope that everything’s all right, Teddy :)

Last but not least I send my most grateful thanks to my two betas, Lady Memory and Whitehound, as ever without their help I couldn't express what I feel in a story as I was able to do also this time.

Happy Birthday dyni!
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Birthday Comments

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So, the sshg_promptfest authors have been revealed and...
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...the party is over :(
January has been a very busy month, to me, what with tests and evaluations, and we had to organize an "open day" at school in which - as ever - the parents of the future pupils came and saw the classroom etc... All this to say that to read all the nice fan-works has been a very nice distraction, at the end of each of these 31 days, meanwhile :))

I can now say that I wrote
Winter & Spring

and that I was very happy to claim that prompt and to put in the story some ideas that were in my mind since some time.
I've sent my thanks to all the kind people who read and reviewed it and I'm sending them again, here, together with a big thank you to the Mod, iulia_linnea who made possible to have once more a fest like this.

My favorites were:

Once You Are Real by rivertempest
Out of Practice by dragoon811

they captured, in very different but totally IC ways, the essence of what the SSHG means to me and it was great to read them.
And there were several lovely fics and arts that really made me happy to see that our corner of fandom is very much alive :))

So... to the next!

Happy birthday droxy!
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Stories that shouldn't be missed - September/December 2013
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Happy 2014, everyone! Let's hope it will be full of good stories as it will surely be given that right today the sshg_promptfest will begin!

The latest months of 2013 have been quite busy to me, so maybe that this time I *have* missed something among the good fics around... anyway of those that I've read these are those that I loved most finding them to be perfection. Enjoy! "The Case of the Living Portrait" by therealsnape Have No Fear by Deeble by Lady Memory To Love, And All It Entails by Ausland by MillieJoan A Midnight Wish by palathene Shall We Dance by palathene

Happy Christmas everyone!
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I'm on holiday, at last :))
I'm sorry to have been a stranger, lately, but everything is ok, just a lot of things to do for work...
Wish everyone of you a happy time!

Xmas 2013

Happy Birthday timestep!
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