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fic rec

tearsofphoenix's land

"... And age and sleep and burn and die and rise."

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Stories that shouldn't be missed - July/August 2012

http://hpcon-envy.livejournal.com/244376.html The Final Curse by mundungus42

http://hpcon-envy.livejournal.com/242707.html And You're Gone by mundungus42

http://iulia-linnea.livejournal.com/900259.html What Friendship Means by iulia_linnea

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8394422/1/ Fire in the belly by Djinn1

http://grangersnape100.livejournal.com/1579572.html#t23186484 It Was A Good Year For The Roses by teddyradiator

http://grangersnape100.livejournal.com/1580374.html#t23203670 Open your eyes by bulletimescully

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8459586/1/You_left_a_baby_on_a_door_step by The Purple Donkey

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Yaay! Thank you so much for the recs, love! Not to mention a few other stories that I missed reading. Thank yooou!

You are very welcome :)))

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